Course Overview

We offer a variety of courses within the skill of surfboard fabrication. Most session are one-on-one but you are most welcome to bring a buddy to watch over your shoulders. For questions or group-requests and seminars please feel free to contact us!


Shaping course

If you are new to surfboard design, and shaping, we highly recommend you to take this course. Shaping is a special skill that requires senses that can be hard to learn through books. The one-on-one shaping lesson is like learning to cook together with a proffesional chef where you will get to know all the tricks of the trade.

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glassing Course

Learn to glass your self-shaped surfboard. We use high grade epoxy that doesn't stink or create toxic fumes. Add or experiment with any artwork you have in mind!

Price example (8ft board)

Private Shaping course: 2500 DKK / 335 EUR

Private Glass course: 1800 DKK / 240 EUR

Materials: 2500 DKK / 335 EUR

Total: 6800 DKK / 910 EUR