Materials & Services



For foam, we only provide virgin Marko blanks for different reasons.

First. It is the only eco-board verified foam. Second, it is abseloutly the best performing foam out there! Top brands and shapers like Channel Islands Surfboards, Lost, Jon Pyzel ect. use the same foam.

The blanks is made out of brand new EPS material with the ability to be completely recycled. 

It is much stronger than the standard polyurethane blank, while maintaining the facility to flex and stay lively in the water even after years of use.

This material is closed cell making it water resistant, this enables easier board repairs while also keeping the blanks integrity intact.


Because of the upcoming alia/paipo trend we have also got our fingers on real Paulownia!! These blanks are flippin hard to get and we only have a few in stock. So if you are tired of epoxy-fingers and snowy landscapes, a Paulownia project might be a clever choice:)


EPS 6'6' M - Marko Foam surfboard blank - 6'7' x 23.98' x 3.4' no stringer 525 DKK (70 Euro)
9'1'' JJ EPS - 9'1,6'' X 24,29'' X 3,28'', 6,5mm Ply Stringer 1050 DKK (139 Euro)

Paulownia blank for eg. Alia's or Paipo construction 7'2" x 23½ inch 450 DKK (61 Euro)


Resin & Glass

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Epoxy is the only type of resin being used at Cold Hawaii Shaping Bay. Its lighter, tougher, safer to work with and less harming to the environment. Oh, and it doesn't stink!!

We offer epoxy from Resin Research. This is the best Epoxy on the market - easy to use, solvent free and quick to both gel and to cure. We buy in big bulks, which saves you money.  

Fibreglass is either offered in 4 Oz or 6 Oz thickness by the leading producer Hexcel. A totally superior surfboard fibreglass cloth perfectly optically balanced and compatible with Epoxy resins.

Pricing on lamination-materials from us is defined by length of board.

Example on regular construction (single 6 Oz on bottom and 4Oz + 6Oz on top) :

Up to 6'6" =  1100 DKK ( 134 Euro)

Up to 7' = 1250 DKK (167 Euro)

Up to 8' = 1350 DKK (180 Euro)

Up to 9'= 1450 DKK (193 Euro)

Up to 10' = 1550 DKK (207 Euro)



We got high-performance and awesome-looking fins from the french brand VIRAL. They don't cost alot compared to other brands but still have a perfectly foiled glassfibre layup. 

Price examples:

8.0" Clear fin = 380 DKK (48 Euro)

8.75" Clear fin = 400 DKK (52 Euro)

9" Smoke fin = 420 DKK (54 Euro)

Tape, paint and other stuff

You will be surprised of how much tape, brushes, gloves and markers are being used in surfboard-building. We spread out these costs on the membership fee and resin/glass prices so you don't need to think about this when building.



We are not proffesional glassers, but we have done our fair share of glass-jobs:) We can glass your new-shaped baby if you dont have the time to do it yourself. Prices depends on artwork and fin-options. Regular layup up to 6' is 1600 DKK (215 Euro) ex. materials. Call or write us for more infomation

Custom templates & design-help

We have a pretty good template quiver for outlines and rockers. If you made your own unique template using Shape3d we can make you an wooden template from your file. We can also provide Shape3d help if you don't have the program yourself. 


Wood template from file incl. materials: 500 DKK 

Wood template from idea (we sit and draw on Shape3d together) incl. materials: 600 DKK

glass-on fins

We have 3d-printers and the knowledge to make you fins that are REALLY accurate. Price example for a set of glass-on twinfins incl. materials and design-service: 500 DKK