Private Shaping Lesson

Are you new to shaping, or do you need a refreshment-course? Take a shaping-class at one of our in-house shapers. Not only will you get the awesome experience of designing and shaping boards from start to finish, but you will learn all the small tricks of the trade that you cannot get elsewhere.

After this course you will be ready to shape by yourself in the future. We normally have two students per instructor. Each student will shape their own board in their own bay. 

Shaping lessons consist of 4-6 hours, normally divided into two sessions. Price is DKK 2500 ex. materials.

Shaping lessons must be reserved 3 weeks in advance! Send us a message below including dates and board-type (shortboard, fish, longboard, minimal ect.)

Group sessions

Introduction to traditional surfboard design & shaping

3 hour interactive design/construction course where we will guide you through the process of designing and making your own surfboard. We will use all the theory on an experimentation-board that we will shape during the course.

Dates for 2017
19th Nov 15:00-18:00 !FULL!
25th Nov 15:00-18:00
10th Dec 15:00-18:00

Price: 200 DKK
Maximum 5 participants
Drinks, masks and earplugs included

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